“I feel FABULOUS!!! Funny story, I totally forgot we had a session yesterday until I read your message, I must say I was probably the most relaxed than I have ever been during our (distant Reiki) sessions, ever!! I feel so light weight and full of possibility. I am working to manifest friends and family in my life that support me as you do, thank you for showing me what that feels like!”
– Sheri Gress (Medicine Hat, AB)

“Thanks so much Tim -– my husband is really doing well...100% improvement -– he even drove today which would have been unheard of last week, as he could hardly get out of bed. Amazing you are and your energy work. Thanks soooooooooo much!”
– Lorna M. (West Vancouver, BC)

“Great introduction to Reiki with a good balance of theoretical background with hands-on work. Tim’s easy style and enthusiasm for Reiki made the experience enjoyable, connecting, informative and enlightening.

Overall great job and I recommend taking one of Tim’s classes to learn more about the power of healing touch through Reiki.”
– Curtis Redel (Level 1 Reiki at Hillcrest Community Centre, Vancouver, BC)

“The session has opened my eyes to learn and embrace a whole new world of self healing and to others that I never thought was possible until now. I’m feeling young and a part of the world.”
– Jonathan Tang (Level 1 Reiki at Hillcrest Community Centre, Vancouver, BC)

“Many many thanks for the Reiki. I love how there are no boundaries to time and space. I felt your presence and reiki around 11:30/12-ish today. Right when I needed it the most.

It was interesting as I woke in pain and basically feeling like there was so much energy pulsing in me that I could explode, and it wasn't actually a good feeling. My head felt like it was going to pop off! I sat in the yard and heard the message---let go---some tears came, the physical pain subsided but I still felt like there was too much light pressing down from the universe....then all of a sudden it eased everything and I had the thought/feeling of- I think Tim's sending me reiki right now. I sat in that glorious and peaceful feeling for a while, receiving and although I was tired, things shifted. Thank you!”
– Marda T. (Distant Reiki, Tofino, BC)

“Some observations: lots of tingling through out my body and particularly in my limbs as well as the sacrum (always a cool feeling). I engaged more senses – smell of lavender – taste, a mild sweetness – sensation of touch as well as many more levels today – external, a slight cool breeze, the Wei Qi layer was sensitive and of course, internal sensation. I distinctly felt a
rocking motion (vertical, head to toe) for quite a while at the beginning. There was a definite balancing of the yin-yang energy within my body – this was really important.

My right arm had some pain by the end of the session (good pain, of course) so I decided to do a BT meridian balancing technique and this helped. I will be making observations for the next 24 hours, so my body is able to cycle through the 24 hour clock.

Now, for the attitude adjustment – I am just fine with that – there are always things to improve on and I am prepared to just go with the flow.

I really appreciated your description of how the session would start and what it would affect –  
are part of the whole. Thanks for speaking my language!!”
– Linda Hurkot (Distant Reiki multiple treatments, Lethbridge, AB)

“About a year ago, my 15 year old son started to develop various symptoms that led me to believe that he may have a brain tumour. He was experiencing headaches, fatigue, behavioural changes, vision problems and numbness down his arms. We had been monitoring a calcification type growth on his left optic nerve for 3 years but there had been no changes as far as the ophthalmologist could see. While waiting for an MRI scan I decided to have Avery (my son) take some Reiki sessions from Tim at The Greentree.

He went for about 10 treatments and it seemed as though that after each treatment some of the symptoms became exasperated. As time grew closer to his MRI appointment Avery was not having near the problems that had previously persisted for so long. Avery went for the MRI scan and an Angioplasty and the results found noted nothing out of the ordinary. It has now been 6 weeks since the scan and we are so happy to report that he has been 90% symptom free since Tim’s treatments."
– L.W. (Hands-on Reiki treatment)

"I went to see Tim for my very first sessions of Reiki when I found out that I had a large cyst in my abdomen that needed to be surgically removed. My sessions with Tim left me with a sense of calmness, a positive outlook, a feeling of being centred and grounded.  
But the distance Reiki session that Tim preformed while I was in surgery is what really blew my mind! I have been sedated for 3 other operations in my lifetime, and each time I came out of surgery with different experiences, none that were ever positive. I was definitely not looking forward that part of my surgery. However, when I came out of surgery this time I was very calm and completely aware of my surroundings! I had conversations with the nurses that I still remember to this day! For the entire day, even with being heavily medicated, I felt fully energized, the incision was smaller than needed, there were no post operation complications and the cyst, that was removed, was smaller and completely benign. 
I hope to never have to go through another surgery again, but if I do I will definitely be seeing Tim for my mental and physical preparation before and during the procedure (using distant Reiki throughout the operation)."
– A.F. (Hands-on and Distant Reiki treatment)

"Woke up so consumed by thoughts this morning — old habits of analyzing to control others instead of focusing on the peace within me. My peace. My purpose. The Reiki session was a part of today's focus to release those patterns, the old habits. When Tim touched the front of my head I could feel the release/flow of energy. The peace flowed through me and I went off into a nice, deep sleep – rejuvenation of the mind and soul — thank you Tim."
– J.L. (Hands-on Reiki treatment)

"Was totally relaxed, no tension! Right hip that aches all day normally is now pain-free!! Really easy to get and feel right with the world, body and spirit."
– D.P. (Hands-on Reiki treatment)

"I rushed through supper and was a bit late for our (distant Reiki) appointment at 7pm, but I made it. I stretched out under a blanket as best I could with my sore hip. Went into some deep breathing and did feel some heat in the palms of my hands and various tingling in my legs.
After quite a while, I decided to grab a bowl of Gelato and lay back down and was astounded that I could lay on my left side! This is usually not possible. I watched a little TV laying on that side and even slept that way. I went to sleep very early and slept like a log. My idea of a great evening. Thank you very much!"
– Judy Villett (Distant Reiki treatment)

"I have a funny report... I had written our (distant Reiki) appointment in my day-timer for Sunday evening, but had put into the following Sunday rather than this one yesterday. SO, subsequently I had forgotten all about it until 7:30pm last night.
As I sat on the couch doing some sewing I noticed how unusually well my hands were feeling and working – as I have arthritis in my joints sometimes it is a bit stiff and painful to sew – then remember to look at my daytime and noticed the boo-boo about the time for our session. I decided to go with the flow and concentrated on the energy that I could feel and continued to sew.
What a joy... energized after a long day and again slept like a log later that evening. Thank you very much! My hip has been better today too." 
– Judy Villett (Distant Reiki treatment)

"The heat/energy through your hands was amazing! My facial tension and chronic nerve pain in my jaw was gone! Very relaxed and deep breathing. Rested and moving freely once again, my hands feel very good with no arthritis pains at all.
It felt like the deep cradling of love I have experienced during a cycling accident black-out and near death experience. This is love, nurturing like a mother's love - the core of life energy some how. Thank you!"
– Judy Villett (Hands-on Reiki treatment)

"It is so true that the sessions I had with JV in both Distant Reiki and Hands-On were very powerful sessions. And what I was most impressed with was the speedy recover that was made through the surgery process and hospital stay. JV's body was already going through the healing process prior to the surgery and helped in the recovery process greatly. A balanced body is more apt to heal quicker than one that is in distress from extreme circumstances such as surgeries.
JV was out of the hospital in 2 days rather than the 4 days she was booked to stay for. Along with the Reiki treatments is is also good to note that JV also was on a balanced diet with new Natruopath suppliments as well as swimming and Pilates training to strengthen her body prior to the surgery. Every thing to enhance your health is absolutely wonderful to speed recovery."
– Tim (Practitioner Note for Judy Villett)

"The energy that flows from head to toes and back again. I can't remember when the peace was so present. Thank you Tim for giving me a new focus for calmness." 
– J.H. (Hands-on Reiki treatment)

"Scoured from the inside. More room in all the spaces. Lots of it! From the inside to the outside. More space between my joints more space between objects in the physical world. Senses sharpened. Colours are vivid. Sounds are vivid. All the sharp edges are gone. Increased presence of increased calm. Sense of urgency is gone."
– O.F. (Distant Reiki treatment)

“Sometimes a battle as my healing muscles pull and spasm under Tim's warm, healing hands. Maybe they're getting back into alignment. I have felt an amazing flow of heat/energy radiating in long strands from Tim's hands. My progress has been very fast and strength returns every day since my hip replacement surgery. I have looked forward to the deeply relaxing (Reiki) sessions with Tim — mind and body at rest. Thank you for the comfort!"
– Judy Villett (Hands-on Reiki treatment)

"I haven't had a Reiki treatment in almost 9 years, and was looking forward to today's session! The first thing I noticed was a warmth emanating from my solar plexus. Very nice indeed. The other thing was the colours: indigo/blue with swirls of green and sometimes yellow."
– Jane Clarke (Hands-on Reiki treatment)

"Thanks for the treatment. Wow! The energy I felt while you were preparing before the treatment even began was incredible. What I felt was amazing. The energy flow began in my toes and ran up my body and out of the top of my head!
There was so much heat in my head and face as you began and the whole time you were working on my head I could feel a very strong pulse. Awesome! I experienced the same feeling when you were working on my feet.
As often happens to me during a Healing Touch or Reiki session, my whole body is alive with energy and it is difficult to stay still. MY BACK FEELS GREAT!"
– Jane Clarke (Hands-on Reiki treatment)

"This was so wonderfully great. Total relaxation instantly. I experienced warmth in my feet right away. This was great as I usually have cold feet. I felt immobilized. I was fascinated by the vibrant shades of green throughout the session. I am at relaxed and at peace. Thank you so much Tim."
– SL (Hands-on Reiki treatment)

"I have ALWAYS loved to fly to distant locals and vacation retreats, but for many, many years (actually since I was very young and remember driving to Grandma's farm) I have always suffered from motion sickness. I was always popping Dramamine or Gravol tablets before a flight or a long drive and always feeling either groggy or dehydrated for hours afterward from the effects of the medication.
I decided to try a test on a flight earlier in 2009, just after taking my 1st Level of Usui Reiki Ryoho. I was not going to use any medication and see if practicing a few moment of Reiki on myself would help in my travel sickness. It was an astounding success! I found that I was completely energized and not groggy for the entire flight. I was not dizzy OR felt any queasiness from the slow and steady motion that would usually send me into a sweaty panic of trying NOT to throw-up. And ever since then I have used self-Reiki practices to help with stomach uneasiness in many situations." 
– Tim (Hands-on Reiki treatment)

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