In many ways, our relationships make our lives better. As humans we are hard-wired for connection to others, and we are often healthier for it. We work hard to preserve our relationships, but sometimes things get confusing or difficult. There are times when this can be very painful! Many form of relationships are wonderful areas of exploration for counselling and therapy. The relationships that can benefit some support/therapy are:
  • Romantic relationships
  • Sexual relationships
  • Marriage relationships
  • Polyamorous relationships
  • Friendship and social relationships
  • Professional relationships
  • Group dynamic relationships 
  • And the mix of all of the above
We might not always know what is not working with a partner, spouse, friend colleague or group, and a counsellor can help in many cases. There are times that we find ourselves in relationships that do not work (they feel bad, or they hurt us). Other times we are unsure how to form the kinds of relationships we want. Sometimes we want to preserve our most treasured relationships by seeking support from a counsellor for the people in the relationship, or one of the people in the relationship.  

One of the gifts of counselling is that counselling takes place in the space between you, and your counsellor. The relationship between you and your counsellor is the blank page on which to write your solution. It is within this relationship that we can explore many things like:
  • How to feel more confident in yourself and your relationship
  • How to reduce conflict in a relationship 
  • How to talk to and engage with people in your life in a way that is helpful (as opposed to harmful) 
  • What kinds of people you wish to be in relationship with. 
  • What sexual relationships you might wish to explore. 
  • How to navigate new relationships and friendships 
  • How to improve existing relationships 
  • And how to work with complicated relationships
Some people say that Vancouver is a difficult place to meet people and make connections, and so, at Eagle Wellness we work collaboratively together to ensure that we are practicing our own relationship skills; we feel that this will help us create a safe space for you to join us.

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